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Business name

Is your Business Ltd ?

Address only service - this enables you to use the address on all business stationery, web sites & livery. All mail received is forwarded to the address of your choice or held for your collection, mail can be sent daily, twice or three times weekly. You will be charged the cost of postage for sending mail on. The address may also be used as your ‘registered business address’ at no extra cost, this is the legal home of the business and where the Authorities will write to.

What address would you like mail forwarded to

How Often would you like mail sent

Would you like calls transferred

Just emailed - to what email address

Text message to what mobile No

Phone only

How would you like to pay

What does the business do? - Accountant, Plumber, Consultancy etc

What is your role in the business?

How would you like your calls answered/callers greeted - simple greetings are normally best such as “Good morning/Afternoon Your Company Daniel speaking, how can I help you”. We can help with this if you need it or if you needs are more complex - for more possible suggestions please all 0207 863 7500

Will you be using the address as a registered office - registered at Companies House

Post code

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Email address

Three services are available - Address only - Phone only or a combination of the two

Telephone answering only - we will answer your calls between the hours of 9 a.m - 5.30 p.m weekdays, calls can be transferred to a number of your choice (you will be charged for the transfer). Alternatively messages can be taken and details sent via email - if you’d like messages sent by text a 10p charge will be made per text. Various services are available, however simple answer and message is the most popular





Twice a week

Once a week

I’ll collect







If yes to what number

Address & Phone combination - please fill in the sections above relating to details of business address and phone answering and then select the best package to suit your needs from the options below

You may pay using a number of methods please tick as appropriate

Credit/debit card               Cheque                          

Bank Transfer                   Direct Debit                                    

I Have included two forms of I. D. One being photographic - passport/drivers licence the other being proof of residential address - gas, electric, council tax, bank statement - please note mobile phone bills are not acceptable - these bills should not be older than 3 months

Please type your desired announcement in the box below

Low user phone package - £15.00 p.m line rental + £1.50 per incoming call + VAT

Medium user package - 50 incoming calls included £60.00 + VAT

Higher phone user - 100 incoming calls p.m £110.00 + VAT

Address service only - £50 per month + VAT £60.00

Address/phone £55 + £1.50 per call + VAT

Address/phone & 50 inc calls £100 + VAT

Address/phone & 100 inc calls £140 + VAT

When would you like service to start

You can use the browse box to send I. D. Held on your computer

Recent utility bill or similar

Combination packs

It is a legal requirement that we take I. D.

or combination

Please click box to reveal calendar

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