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Typical business expense

Average cost

Small, London based; including rent/business rates & not in a particularly affluent location



Cost of business utilities i.e. gas/electricity/ maintenance/cleaning/general upkeep



Office expenditure - phones/Internet connection/insurance/support/copier/PC's etc.



Staff expenditure - e.g. 2 staff earning £1000 per month each - a minimum requirement allowing for lunches; sickness; holidays etc






Massive savings  possible



Terms & Conditions


Flexy Office (UK) Ltd, Ensign House, Admirals Way, Canary Wharf, London. E14 9XQ

Compare Virtual Office vs Physical Office Space

Does your business really need the cost and commitment of a permanent London office and full time support staff?

As a virtual office client you can save money, gain the competitive edge and mitigate risk whilst still enjoying the benefits of a physical office.

The table below offers an indication of the scale of savings that are possible. The example is for average use of our service and is totally representative of typical client savings.

Cost benefits at a glance

Using our London virtual office services can save as much as 90% of overheads a

Find out how you can save today

View our ready-to-go London virtual office packages here or to discuss your individual business needs please call us on 020 7863 7500 or send an email enquiry - tell me more about Canary Wharf Virtual Offices

massive saving that could make the difference between profit and loss - why pay more!